What is Snapshot?

Snapshot is an abstract concept in Nimbus used to represent the total information we need in order to recreate a Nimbus workspace with exactly the same state at a given moment. It is very similar to the general concept of “image” we use in computer science but it is specifically for a Nimbus workspace.

How are Snapshots used?

Since a snapshot contains all the information you need to recreate a workspace, we can really take advantage of it.
  • As a backup for a given workspace:
    • if you are about to do something crazy that may break your current workspace, then you can take a snapshot as a back up then you can go nuts!
  • As a base to create a new template or update an existing template:
    • If you get your workspace to a perfect state and you want everyone in your team to have that exact state for their new workspaces, then you can snapshot the workspace and use that snapshot to create/update a template. Once that template is created/updated, everyone in your team will be able to create a workspace with exact same state as yours.
    • Shortcut:
      • you can also create/update a template directly from the workspace.
  • … and more!

Creating Snapshots

  • Click the three-dot button:
Image without caption
  • Click `Take Snapshot`, give the snapshot a name and description, and click `Confirm`
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  • Now your snapshot is being created and you can click `Check Status` on the message window or go to the `Snapshots` tab to see progress
  • The entire progress will take a few minutes
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  • Once the `Pending snapshot...` is gone, your snapshot will be ready to use
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