Setup on JetBrains

In this section, we will show you how you can easily connect your JetBrains IDEs to your Nimbus workspace in a few minutes.

What do you need to connect?

  1. JetBrains Gateway
  1. Public SSH key
  1. Nimbus webapp (app.usenimbus.com)

JetBrains Gateway

JetBrains Gateway enables remote development functionality in JetBrains IDEs. Please download the newest version of JetBrains Gateway at https://www.jetbrains.com/remote-development/gateway/
Note: Gateway is a powerful tool but it can consume about ~2GB of RAM on average based on our experiences. Given this, we recommend creating a Nimbus workspace with more RAM than you’d generally look used.

Public SSH Key

Public keys are used to authenticate the machine that you are connecting from. You may already have keys set up or you may have to generate new ones. See the “Set up for JetBrains IDEs” section on the linked page to learn how to learn more:

Launching Workspace in JetBrains IDE

Use the Nimbus webapp (app.usenimbus.com) the first time you connect to a JetBrains Workspace. This will automatically set up the appropriate config and connections for you to easily reconnect from Gateway or your IDE in the future.
  • The most common issue with launching a workspace is not having paired SSH keys. Please double check to make sure you’ve properly set up SSH keys.
To launch your workspace, simply head to the “Workspaces” page in the webapp and start your workspace.
Then use the “Open IDE” dropdown on the main page or the menu button to launch JetBrains Gateway. Jetbrains Gateway will ask you if you would like to connect to a remote machine via SSH - please click “Check Connection and Continue” to get connected. (see images below)
The first time you connect to a given workspace, JetBrains and Nimbus will take 40 seconds to finish the setup. This includes setting up Gateway, the IDE, indexing, etc., on the remote machine.
Image without caption
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In the future, you can launch your Nimbus workspace from the webapp (app.usenimbus.com) or directly from Gateway.
To launch from Gateway, click “SSH” on the menu on the left. You will see your recent projects and can launch the project in the IDE by clicking “+” and selecting the project directory of your choice.
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Happy hacking…

At this point, you can work in your JetBrains IDE as if it were the computer in front of you.