Setup on Jetbrains

In this section, we will show you how you can easily connect your JetBrains IDEs to your Nimbus workspace in under two minutes. We will use GoLand as an example in this tutorial. JetBrains already has great tutorials here: https://www.jetbrains.com/remote-development/gateway/ if you need more details.

What do you need in order to connect?

You will need three things to connect:
  1. Hostname
  1. username
  1. private ssh key path

If you have ever connected to your workspace via our VSCode extension:

You can find all three from the ssh config file which usually lives at `~/.ssh/config`. The file should contain a list of ssh configs that looks like the following:
plain text
Host sbibe.we.usenimbus.com HostName sbibe.we.usenimbus.com User nimbus-user IdentityFile "/Users/liushahuang/Library/Application Support/Code/User/globalStorage/usenimbus.nimbus/ssh/nimbus_62c70424a3861f3f17e58523_id_rsa" IdentitiesOnly true
(If you have ever connected to multiple Nimbus workspaces, you should see multiple sections like the above. You can identify the right section based on the hostname)

If you only use JetBrains IDEs:

You need to create the workspace from Nimbus CLI in order for Nimbus to generate the correct ssh config content on your laptop before you can connect. Please refer to this page for more details about Nimbus CLI here: 💻Install Nimbus CLI

Steps to connect:

Open the GoLand, expand `Remote Development`, and click `New Connection`

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Add the username, host, and a specified private key path:

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Click `Check Connection and Continue`:

GoLand will check the connection and redirect you to the following page if the Nimbus workspace is ready to connect. If you run into errors, the most common issue is that the Nimbus workspace is not in the active state. You can check our webapp: https://app.usenimbus.com/home/workspaces. If the workspace is not active, you just need to start the workspace and then check the connection again from your GoLand.
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Select the project directory:

By default, the home directory is `/home/nimbus-user/` (the slashes at the beginning and the end are required). You can use the home directory or any project you have in the Nimbus workspace.
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Click Download and Start IDE

JetBrains will install all the necessary packages on the Nimbus workspace. Once everything is ready, it will pop up a new GoLand window that is connected to your workspace.
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Happy hacking…

Starting from this point, you can start to code just as it is on your own laptop.


The key component that enables the remote development functionality is the JetBrains Gateway. It is a powerful tool but it also consumes resource in the remote workspace. Based on our experiences, it consumes ~2GB of RAM on average. You can check the usage from the remote GoLand window. It should be a minor issue as you can easily increase the workspace
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